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The decision making and asset allocation are based on in depth analysis in two major layers:

Macro Analysis

The consideration of influential global and domestic financial indicators, including inflation expectations, interest rate changes, currency rates, GDP growth, employment, taxes and tariffs, government deficits and budgets, fiscal policies, monetary policies and money supply, etc.

We follow closely the macro economic indicators published by leading Central Banks, Governments, IMF (International Monetary Fund), Central Bureau of Statistics and other leading authorities.

Micro Analysis

We continuously review and track companies and sectors, placing emphasis on large cap companies trading on leading financial markets. Economic valuations and analyses are performed on companies in all sectors of the economy.

In addition, we invest considerable resources in researching corporate bonds, examining the debt repayment ability of the various issuers and the credit quality of existing and future liabilities.

Our preferred financial assets are given overweight in our portfolios.
However, we advocate on high diversification- sectoral, geographical, varied financial instruments and issuers, in order to reduce risk and improve portfolio performance.

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